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Fat Man on a Bike
MS 150 Houston to Austin or bust!
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Welcome to

My name is Philip Gamblin and this is my current road bike. I purchased the frameset off Craig's list and swapped over parts from my Trek 1000.  The Trek was just too big for me. Thanks Tom.

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The Lone Star Chapter, chartered in 1955, serves more than 17,000 individuals who are affected by multiple sclerosis in 141 Texas counties. Services include information and referrals, equipment loans, education programs, caring and wellness programs, emergency financial assistance, self-help groups, research updates, and clinical and peer support programs. The chapter works closely with the medical community to enhance MS knowledge and treatment. All funds are privately raised and 83 cents of every dollar is used to benefit people affected by multiple sclerosis. The Lone Star Chapter's Web site is here


I have actually found a new mission in life. My bikes a have transformed me, saved me, improved my quality of life, introduced me to great people, taught me to listen, taught me how to manitain said bike. given me time with daughters, helped me grow as a human being and given me a quiet passion that birightens my life. It is my sincere desire to pass that on to others or at a least show them the possibilities.

There is a lot of information here a bout gear. Admittedly I am a bit of a equipment whore, HOWEVER there is much to be said about having the right tool(s) for the task at hand.More about that later.
I want to focus on you and your bike.  Focusing on you helps me create a personal connection that I feel all humans need, focusing on the bike you have ,is simply a good place to start.

I found a surperb site fo an intruduction to astronomy . Every beginner asks "What is the best (insert name of object here) for me to start out with given my budget of $X. The best response to that question time and again from that forum is, "The one you will most often use."  Truer words were never spoken. I don't have the stats to prove it, but virtually everyone I know has some "exercise equipment" that is collecting dust in a garage or laundry in a bedroom. One of the nicest features of a Bowflex  is how much laundry you can pile on it in such a small space. So the bike is a tool for a task. The task is specific to your needs, but most importantly you need to start; now, today this minute, quit reading and bike around the block down the street, WHATEVER just go pedal around for a while. Don't go very far but GO. I'll wait. Go ahead I'll be right here when you get back. I promise.

How did that feel? You did go right? becase the next several paragraphs depend on it. So did you feel like Here is the deal if you have a bike chances are our best chance to get you riding is riding what you have. Doing so removes the "I need to get a bike" argument /discussion.was it too difficult was it heavy

Great, starting is the hardest part. What got me started was heart attack at age 42...... What's gonna get you started? Always start at the beginning after all we went to a lot of trouble to create a beginning. Know your bike.
Bike anatomy
  tires vs wheels
chain rings up front cogs in the back
front der rear der

How to stop
Ease in maneuvering
if it has gears learn how to use them its more fun
department store bikes

Bikes there are as many different type of bikes as there are people to ride them. Working together we can get your bike to match you and your  needs. 

Yes the go fast cyclists ride teeny tiny almost vulgarly small bike seats. But Im not talking to them. There are multitudes of books written by people infinitely more knowlegeable than myself aimed at people with 6% body fat who are trying to cut 90 seconds off their race times.
I'm talking to you. You either have a bike ,or want a bike , or think you want a bike or for god only knows why, are interested in bikes/bicycling.

You don't have to wear spandex
You don't have to have a $1000 bike
You don't have to spend hundreds of gruelling hours on a bike
You don't have to ride hundreds of miles
You don't have to weight your food
It doesn't matter how old you are.
Every time you ride a bike your are better for it

You do have to start. Somewhere , anywhere it doesn't matter.
You do absolutely have to work ( nothing worth having comes easily )
You do have to have fun, otherwise you won't keep doing it.
A genuine imperative here. Once you're having fun doing something that is good for you, the rest of your life will fall in line.

how people ride 
 clubs, critical mass, shopping, down hill, up hill, touring ,  credit card touring, solo touring, charity touring, doing laundry, MBX,Cyclocross, cycl paths,

What kind of bike..... should I get or do I need?
Things to consider
 how far ride?
should i carry water, tools, snacks,spare tubes, cell phones

If you have a bike start here. Ride what you have. What to you like or don't like. 
Foreign posture vs. Fit vs comfort.
If riding a bike is new again to you, you will be a bit sore

Saddles the most personal equipment selection

If you are buying a bike, start here

Want to improve your bike

Riding by yourself
Carry tubes/patches tools and inflation. Pump is better than cylinders.
what puts the comfort in comfort bikes

The May Fete at Bike Barn was a real nice party. Great hot dogs with all the trimmings with ice cream and refreshments all courtesy of the fine folks at BIke Barn. I don't have a run down of all the door prizes, but there were several. They probably called my number while I was trying to locate cash for my new Topeak road morph pump. It was a really nice gathering of good people. Thanks Bike Barn! 

In the 4th photo above is my Trek 7.3 FX with my newly purchased Arkel panniers The 5th and 6th frames show the chunk of glass in my rear tire that I picked up on the way home. Here is a fine example of Bontrager Hardcase tires in action (they were stock on my Trek 7.3 FX) . I had to ride a hundred yards or so before I had an opportunity to check the the source of the periodic tick-ticking in the rear of my bike. I figured either the glass had punctured the tube and is holding air, or it is going to if I continue to ride on it. Either way the glass had to be removed. I rooted out the leatherman from the bag and carefully extricated a chunk of glass on the order of .25 inches in diameter. There was no loss of air! No unloading the bike to change a flat, none of that. I mounted up and rode on. 120 miles later the tire is fine. I've sung the praises of Specialized Armadillos for years, apparently the Bontrager Hardcase is no slouch either!

Mission Accomplished!! 
Thank You!  Thank You!   Thank You!

Thanks to you all. Friends, family, volunteers, well wishers and cyber visitors. I did in fact complete the ride. All 180 miles of it over two days. There were two goals to meet;  1) complete the ride 2) don't push the bike. Not up hill, not down hill, just not. I can happily say both goals were achieved. I hope to do a proper write up of the ride soon but for now suffice it to say I met truly amazing people. I was passed by roller bladers, little old ladies, big old men, teenage girls and mothers with their children. Rider # 12492 had a prosthetic leg and he passed me twice. Fortunately I checked my ego at the starting line. I did manage to pass a unicyclist and later we had a nice chat at the 150 mile rest stop. I met many wonderful people accomplishing amazing feats. I had to brush back a tear twice. Once at the opening ceremonies during a beautiful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, and again half way through day 1, when a woman in a wheel chair waved at me and said, " Thank you. "

Thank you for your support!

This all started 1965 miles ago. Add in a few buckets of sweat, dozens of flat tires, broken spokes, and assorted mechanical breakdowns and you end up here 5 days from the Houston to Austin BP MS 150. Ready or not, Austin or Bust!

A special thanks to those who have made contributions:

Charles and  Pauline Gamblin

Kyle Shenkir

Al Mason
Debbie Manen
Richard Stevens

Photo FAQs

Why the toe?
I've been asked a few times about the toe photo.  It is the only really unique image I own, and in a gratuitous effort to generate site traffic, I posted it. If nothing else, maybe it will generate some of the ," Dude, you gotta see this. ", traffic.  After all, you can get photos of beautiful, naked women everywhere else on the web.

Is it real?
You bet your ass it is. I am no makeup artist. I'm just a fat man on a bike.

Is that yours?
Yes it is mine. You'd be surprised how difficult it is to find a volunteer to let you drop a 30.5 pound battery from desktop height on their big toe to achieve this effect. Even if you convinced a really close friend to help you out, he probably wouldn't talk you anymore anyway.

What happened?
If you need more detail than the above provided explanation, it was a bizzare garage cleaning accident. I had stacked 2 of these batteries on top of each other on a workmate ( folding work bench ) with the intenion of relocating the one on top. I had no idea that the bottom battery had hitched a ride and, having absolutely no vertical support, gravity sucked it to earth exactly,                              (as bad luck would have it)  to the same space that was occupied by the first toe of my right foot.

Did you take the photo?

Why take the photo?
I was wearing sandals when this occurred. I own steel toed work boots but it was just too hot to wear them. Just a reminder that safety pays.  Picture worth a 1000 words, etc, etc. I was out of work for 3 weeks or so and the hospital bills were in excess of  $10,000 (thank GOD I had insurance). To this day, my right big toe twitches when I see anything heavier than a bannana higher than my waist.

After my heart attack( see below) I knew I had to make the most of my second chance. Fortunately for me,  I was only required to take medication, change my diet and lose weight. My destiny was in my own hands. I had played football as a child and into high school. I knew could reclaim my body but at 5'6" and just over 300 pounds, I also knew it would be tough.

This all started when I got my bike in mid February 2005. I  banked my tax refund and went to Bike Barn to get my  bike.  A new Trek 7100. It's what they call a hybrid. Not as advanced as full fleged  road bike or serious mountain, bike but clearly a step above the average Walmart or Academy bike.

My bike is stock with the exception of the rear wheel. I made a cheap ( $35 ) upgrade to the rear wheel because I was breaking spokes at an alarming rate. I am still breaking spokes, but not nearly as frequently. Bicycle wheels are fairly complex devices.  While I do replace my spokes and true my wheels, I am no wheel mechanic.  I did however, rebuild my rear wheel with the the help of this book. In cycling, as in any endeavor, the cost of accessories is without limit. Wheels prices range from $50 to few thousand dollars depending on quality of materials and workmanship.

Master odometer since 2/17/05 2551miles   Just 2449 miles to my new bike.

2006 Miles by month

Jan     82 mi.

Feb     39  mi.

Mar   220  mi.

Apr   435   mi
May    80 mi

MS 150 Houston to Austin tour Registration is now closed!

So it will be an intimate ride just me and 12,999 other riders.

Water Bottle/ Hydration  

      While Houston is not Death Valley, it does get hot here. In 80 to 90+ degrees you lose a LOT of fluid. Be safe and learn something about hydration and your needs in particular before a heat stroke. I have a 100 oz. Hydrapack from Bike Nashbar. It was hard to find,  they don't advertise it, but they do carry them.  Long before I needed one I thought the that CamelBak was overpriced. I still think so. However is is only fair to say I have never used a Camel Bak either. My Hydrapak is easy to keep clean, has plenty of storage and is spacious at about half of what Camelbak costs for the equivalent.

Today's pain report 04-18-06

Sunday's ride of 75 miles was on a too small, experimental saddle. I was more like a travelling colonoscopy than a bike saddle. I 'll be replacing it today. You can get over sore muscles , but being sadddle sore is a whole different way to experience pain. That aside, I feel pretty good. No stiffness or real pain to speak of, kind of like my body is finally  breaking in. I 'll do just a little cruising between now and the ride, make a few last minute tweaks to the bike, then it's off to Austin.

Thanks for the visit. Feel free to leave questions,coments or suggestions.

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