The short days means night riding on weekdays, if I get out at all. My road bike has a battery powered headlamp but no storage. So I can't even run errands on it. OTOH, I need the miles to acclimate to roadie. The current plan is (providing the same seat post fits both bikes) is to swap the B17 between the two bike to maximize riding opportunities and time on the B17. You're right, this isn't genius but I'm not going to be posting a ride tonight and the blank page beckoned.
It's certainly nothing to brag about, but I could have done nothing.  45 F is usually enough for me to pack it in, especially on  a school night.Anyway that brings me to 70 miles on the Specialized. I'm essentially getting off the couch to ride 150 decidedly unflat miles one weekend in April 2016. Between now and then I gotta build endurance, dump some body fat, break in a new B17 and ride a bunch o' miles. Typically 1000-1500 should get me there.  So I'm way behind a 100 mi/wk schedule. It's gotta be easier to maintain some level of fitness rather than starting over annually. I hope i live long enough to find out.