It was a good start for me training wise. Unseasonably warm at 80 deg. Overcast all day with a forecast of rain. When the rain hadn't materialized by 15:00 I decided to roll out.  I headed south into 10-15 mph quartering head wind. That works well for me since I catch the tail wind on the way home. I was barely out of the neighborhood before I decided to raise the saddle an inch or so. It seemed to help. I seemed to be making better than average speed for a headwind, so I was encouraged  I could feel my left calf on the verge of a cramp around mile 9. I decided not to panic and pedaled onward. It was also at this point I began to feel the burn in my quads. I set a 30 mile goal and figured with 15 miles of tail wind it shouldn't be too difficult. At the 15 mile turn, I took a break got a drink and looked at the clock. It was 17:00 and I'd be riding home in the dark. Note to self: planning is important. I flatted about mile 20. I felt somewhat vindicated hearing  unmistakable cyclic ffft,ffft,ffft,fffft of my rear tire deflating. It was on the way out the door, as an after thought, that I decided to bring  a pump. Changing flats is never fun and even less so in the dark.  20 mins later, I'm heading home. Overall quite pleased. No obvious fit issues the saddle is reasonably comfy, but it's not my Brooks. Post ride the legs were tired but not depleted. tomorrow morning will tell the real story.


It is great you have the first real ride with so many people.Cycling is really good for health.And you did a great job.I think you must keep it on for next time.

07/03/2017 4:38pm

Riding bikes is not really my thing. I just can't imagine myself using that particular kind of activity to be physically fit. And besides, we don't have any bikes in the first place. I just used to do some exercise early in the morning so that I can be healthy in some ways. I also don't want to experience the same thing that you have experienced here. It seems like experiencing cramp is not really good, obviously. But I am still open to trying this activity. Maybe sooner or later, I really don't know.


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