The roadie came with Look style pedals which are fine except I don't have shoes/cleats that fit them.  So down to the LBS for a pedal swap. $50 and 15 minutes later I have my new SPD/Platform  pedals installed and the Look pedals are ready for Craigslist. I was also fortunate enough to find my Dinotte headlight which is a quality headlight. I'm embracing my inner Fred. Time for a short ride 'round the hood.



This is really awesome cycle and i think all the people will like to have this.I really enjoy your words here for the ride.I think the passionate people can feel like this.

11/07/2017 5:07am

I am glad to know that you have your new pedals! In biking, I never thought that a new set of pedals could be this important for a certified biker like you. Perhaps it's because I am not a biker in nature, that is why I do not understand the importance of having new parts of a certain bicycle. By the way, I would also want to take this time to thank you for posting that photo! You know that a certain article can be more lively if there are photos attached!


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