Yesterday was gorgeous and I stayed in the house. I fell victim to Netflx. C'est la vie. Up early today though, so there there's a good chance I'll get some saddle time in. This morning I worked on the cable routing for my dynamo powered cell phone charger. It's a great idea and I'm still working on installing and verifying it. Review pending. I missed the start of the grafitti ride but managed to catch up in spite of myself. The ride itself was very slow paced and I missed most of the narration but it was another beautiful day and a nice group of people.


11/23/2016 12:35am

I don't think that there is such a thing as a waste. If you liked what you did and had fun, then it is never a wasted day. No matter how lazy you may feel, if you still enjoyed your day, then it is always worth it. I could even be spending the whole week in my home watching on Netflix, and I won't call it a waste. On the other hand, The graffiti art pieces you posted are really beautiful and mind blowing.

02/03/2018 11:29pm

Nowadays, if you have watched any Netflix series then I think that's already a nice experience. Besides, if you have enjoyed watching some of what they can offer, that's totally not a waste of time! Besides, you also did great in your graffiti session though you admit that you failed to put a lot of time for that. Hopefully, you can watch more series on Netflix without feeling any guilt. Just enjoy and know how to balance your time!

10/08/2017 7:09am

If you were able to seize the day by doing nothing but to watch Netflix movies, that's not a waste of time. I acknowledge the idea that all of us have different definitions of this word but if you enjoyed a certain thing, that's not worthy to be considered as "waste" at all. There are people who are into Netflix that much and they don't consider this as a waste of time since they get something from it and they were having fun doing it. By the way, the graffiti were all nice to look at!


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