It's certainly nothing to brag about, but I could have done nothing.  45 F is usually enough for me to pack it in, especially on  a school night.Anyway that brings me to 70 miles on the Specialized. I'm essentially getting off the couch to ride 150 decidedly unflat miles one weekend in April 2016. Between now and then I gotta build endurance, dump some body fat, break in a new B17 and ride a bunch o' miles. Typically 1000-1500 should get me there.  So I'm way behind a 100 mi/wk schedule. It's gotta be easier to maintain some level of fitness rather than starting over annually. I hope i live long enough to find out.



Hope you live enough to find out this. If you keep doing it then soon you will complete you goal 15 mile/weak.

06/23/2017 1:16am

I just want you to know that what you have accomplished is admirable. At your age, you can actually finish a 10-mile ride. I think you have a very strong will to conquer that race. Do not worry, you've done great! Heads up and conquer the limits of your own capability. See you on your next race.

09/10/2017 9:06am

Don't compare yourself to others. You are different from them. There are things that you can do while others can't, and the same thing happen too. I may not be expert in cycling, but 10 miles is 10 miles. It may be a bit lesser compare to other cyclists' achievement, but you should still be proud of it! It isn't a joke in the first place. Personally, I feel so proud of you!


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