Dynamo power has been around for ages. While the technology is ages old what has changed dramatically is dynamo is powered lighting. The change from incandescent lighting to LED lighting has resulted in a quantum leap in the efficiency of dynamo powered lighting. Peter White Cycles is a custom bike shop as well as being the best of the US web providers of dynamo hubs, custom built dynamo wheels, and dynamo lighting systems . I currently ride a Sanyo dynamo hub with a Busch and Muller Lumotec IQ Fly headlight and a B&M Top Light  tail light. Excellent folks to do business with. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
I do a lot of night riding. Batteries got to be a pain. I HATE proprietary batteries. I understand the reasoning. I also understand that when the battery dies, I'm hosed. That leaves me with single use or rechargeable batteries. Both of which have their own issues. Dynamo lighting isn't for everyone and it's not cheap. I made the swap and I'll never go back.


06/26/2017 5:33pm

I loved the quote you included! I agree 100% with everything you have said. I believe that a thing that cannot be weakened by time and distance is mighty big. This actually applies to long distance relationships. Everybody knows how hard it is to be with someone who lives thousands of miles away. The two of you never get the chance to see each other and spend time with one another. Most of the time, you only get to see each other during your days off while using video chat. But no matter what the circumstances may be, as long as two people trust each other, there will be no place for doubts.

08/31/2017 9:37am

Bicycles are a good source of exercise it will help you boost your strength and immune system. A proper exercise has a good impact on our lives, of course, it will make us healthy and gives the proper needs of our body. We cannot just drown ourselves on things that are toxic and bad habits. We all know that discipline is the key, but we tend to ignore because we stick to what we are used to. That's reality, that is who people really are, only a few of them value their health by making sure they have the proper exercise and diet.

07/01/2017 9:21am

It's a pretty old technology. It seems like you know a lot about it. I think that's cool.

09/11/2017 3:02am

Is it very expensive? And does it really worth it?


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